Transportation companies keep America moving. But have you ever wondered who keeps the transportation companies moving? Over the past two decades, ExponentHR has been proud to work with numerous transportation companies across the country and in that time, we’ve built an extensive knowledge of the comings and goings in transportation, including interstate rules, dock operations, and independent and company driver compliance. Our scalable, single data source platform is industry leading. But it’s our committed, human client service that delivers enough client happiness to fill a truck, ship or plane.

Key Benefits for Transportation

  • License & Certification tracking, reporting
  • Multiple pay rates based on work performed, including OTR and Hourly Driver Pay Practices
  • Pay detail transparency through employee self-service
  • Piece Rate for wait time, stops, drops, per diem and per mile
  • Paid Leave Hourly Rate Lookback
  • Automated Min Wage Gross Up
  • Timekeeping with Cost Allocation to multiple classification codes like client, work order, activity, cargo manifest, etc.
  • FLSA Compliant Overtime Calculation, including California regular rate of pay
  • Mobile Timekeeping
  • Productivity Dashboards
  • Fully Burdened Allocation Reports, including Workers Compensation, that flows to GL