Making Employees Exempt from Holiday Pay

An employee's holiday-exempt status (whether they receive holiday pay) is set during new hire enrollment. To change the holiday-exempt status for an employee after they are hired, you submit a Change Employment Information EAN.

Note on Completion: After the EAN is submitted to ExponentHR, it will immediately complete unless:

To check the expected completion date for the EAN, refer to the eAction Notice (EAN) Details page for the EAN. See the Related Help Topic.


To make an employee exempt (or non-exempt) from holiday pay:

1.   On the Management Navigation Bar, click HR Administration > Applications > eAction Notice.

The eAction Notice (EAN) Summary page displays.

2.   Click the Create New EAN button.

The Create eAction Notice (EAN) page displays.

3.   Select the employee you would like to exempt from holiday pay in the Employee drop-down box.

4.   Select the Change Employment Information EAN from the EAN type selection box and click the Create EAN button.

The Change Employment Information page for the employee you selected displays in a new window.


5.   If the employee is exempt from holiday pay (they do not receive it), select Yes from the Holiday-Exempt drop-down box.

Note: If the employee should start receiving holiday pay, select No.

6.   Enter any notes related to the EAN in the EAN Notes text box.

7.   Click the Save as Draft button at the top or bottom of the page to keep the requested change in a drafted status so that it may be edited and submitted for completion at a later time.

Note:  When an EAN is put in a drafted status, a Draft EAN Notice with a link to the unsubmitted EAN is provided on the ExponentHR Welcome Page.

8.   After entering all necessary changes to employment information, click the Submit button to submit the EAN for approval.

Result: The EAN you just completed is now visible on the eAction Notice (EAN) Summary page. An HR administrator must approve the EAN and submit it to ExponentHR for completion.



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