Acknowledgement Report

You can generate an Acknowledgement report to see a list of employees who have acknowledged reading a message sent to them through the Message Center in ExponentHR.  In addition, for any employees who have yet to provide acknowledgement, you can have the notification be re-sent via email address to remind these employee of the requested acknowledgement.


To generate the Acknowledgement report:

1.   On the Management Navigation Bar, click HOME > Message Center > Company Notifications.

The Company Notifications page displays.

2.   Click Message Center Notifications in the Show drop-down box.

The Message Center Notifications section displays, with a list of all Message Center Notifications that have been set up.

3.   Click the Edit button in the row of the Message Center Notification for which you want to check acknowledgement.

      The Message Center Notification page displays.

4.   Click the Acknowledgement Report button.

The Acknowledgement Report page displays.

5.   Change the settings in the Report Options section to filter the list, as necessary.

Changing the Report Options

6.   Use the Re-Send Email Announcement feature to re-deliver an email reminder to all Active employees who have not yet Acknowledged this message and/or attachment. (Email delivery is only available to employees with a valid work email address on file.) For recurring messages which require employee acknowledgement for each recurrence, the Re-Send option is only available for the most recent recurrence.

Note: The message center system always alerts an employee of any pending Acknowledgement Required message each time that employee logs into his/her ExponentHR self-service website. This feature merely supplements that built-in functionality by sending a standard email to the employee to entice him/her to log into the ExponentHR website to read the message and provide the appropriate acknowledgement of receipt.

7.   Click the Exit button.

Note: To print the report, click the Print button.


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