Accuracy where you need it most

Payroll is the most expensive part of running your business. With Exponent, our advanced technology ensures your books are reconciled with perfect precision — down to the last penny.


When it comes to payroll, there is no margin for error. A minor miscalculation in your system can lead to major malfunction down the line. Best case? It’s a headache. Worst case, it can damage your reputation, your employees, and your business.

  • Rules-Based Calculations: You set the rules, the system calculates the results
  • Unlimited Pay Types: Sort variable pay types by hours, pieces, employee classification, project, activity, and more
  • Arrearage: Automate tracking of unpaid earnings and uncollected deductions


Slow down to go fast

You need a system that moves quickly and efficiently, but success starts a step before that with implementation. Only after asking the right questions and understanding the responses can we develop the right strategy and tactics to nail the execution the first time.

  • Approach: Discovery-focused exploration ensures we’re solving for the right things
  • Methodology: We deliver effective results through a proven process
  • Validation: It doesn’t cost you more for us to do things the right way


Every task automated puts more time back in your day. With our software, transactions can scale infinitely maximizing accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness, giving you more time to do work that’s meaningful.

  • Initiation: Start automation with activities from employees and managers
  • Workflow: Organizational structure automates workflow and provides re-routing capabilities
  • Notifications: Provide alerts and reminders for transaction approvals