The HR experience you can’t buy anywhere else.

Why ExponentHR? We’re reliable, diligent, genuine, and responsive. We’re not just here to sell you an HR platform. We’re here to build a lasting relationship with a state-of-the-art system that makes your job easier, adds value to your company, and gives you the data you need to reach the pinnacle of your potential.

Do you dread the Open Enrollment process? Receive constant notices regarding incorrect taxation and withholdings? Spend the majority of your time correcting errors that would never have occurred in the first place had the technology worked as it was supposed to? If you’re spending time each day submitting and following up on service tickets, combining reports from various applications or modules, or manipulating and entering journal entries line by line, there is a better way. ExponentHR delivers a better experience for you, your employees, and your organization.





We specialize in satisfied clients.

Before we implemented ExponentHR, it took three HR/benefits/payroll administrators to service 134 employees. With ExponentHR, we were able to reduce our HR overhead by 66%. We now have one HR Professional servicing more than 200 employees while focusing on strategy and value-added programs that drive retention and profits.

Lorene Smith, Vice President of Organizational Development
On-Target Supplies & Logistics, Ltd