Manufacturing & Construction

Every day, manufacturing and construction companies deal with thousands of moving pieces to build what they build. And that’s just on the front end. ExponentHR helps manage the thousands of moving pieces behind the scenes that the client never see. From your employees to independent contractors, from variable pay-rates to project phases and cost accounting, from single offices to multiple locations across the country, Exponent provides the HR support manufacturing and construction companies need to keep building everything, including themselves.

Key benefits for manufacturing and construction

  • License & Certification tracking, reporting and document storage
  • Multiple pay rates based on work performed for laborer, foreman, driver, operator
  • Robust Shift Premium Calculations
  • Pay detail transparency through employee self-service
  • Piece Rate for per diems, volume-based pay and premium
  • Timekeeping with Cost Allocation to multiple classification codes like client, project, work order, activity, etc.
  • Mobile Timekeeping
  • Productivity Dashboards
  • Fully Burdened Allocation Reports, including Workers Compensation, that flows to GL
  • LCP Tracker Integration for Certified Payroll