Increasingly, centralized data and how it can be used are transforming healthcare both for patients and providers. But like every other industry, disparate and siloed data causes massive headaches when running reports and managing compliance. That’s why more and more healthcare companies turn to ExponentHR for their human management needs. It takes a massive team to care for your patients, so don’t waste your team on searching for data when you need it most.

Key Benefits for Healthcare

  • Certifications tracking, reporting
  • Multiple pay rates based on work performed for callback, education, orientation, clinical and counseling activities
  • Robust Shift Premium Calculations
  • Piece Rate for per visit, per patient, on-call and callback, evaluation
  • Pay detail transparency through employee self-service
  • Timekeeping with Cost Allocation to multiple classification codes like department, location, program, etc.
  • FLSA Compliant Overtime Calculation, including California regular rate of pay
  • Mobile Timekeeping
  • Fully Burdened Allocation Reports, including Workers Compensation, that flows to GL