Employee Self-service

It’s time to empower your team

There’s nothing smart about duplicate work. With Exponent’s one-click approval, you can avoid the hundreds of emails about PTO, onboarding, and benefits approval. Our system liberates your team to handle more of the front-end work saving you time and energy. With one click, you can manage a much bigger, self-governing team in half the time.


When your employees can manage their daily details including things like address, direct deposit, W4, and electronic opt-ins, that frees you up to focus on bigger, more meaningful work you really want to do. Our platform saves time and restores sanity both for your team and for you.

  • Automation: Our automated processes will put lost time back in your day
  • Visibility: See the big picture with dashboards for every need
  • Compliance: Track acknowledgements, approvals, and exceptions


Approval with a single click

Keeping track of your calendar is hard enough. Let your employees schedule their own PTO. All you need to do is let them know when they’re approved.

  • Visibility: Provide employees with a real-time view of balances, carryovers, and accruals
  • Planning: Employees can estimate future paid leave availability and see peer schedules and holiday calendars
  • Notifications: Send updates to tiered approvers and responses to requesting employee


There’s no better way to build trust and engage your new employees than empowering them in the onboarding process. Exponent gives them the tools they need to succeed. You give them the freedom to excel.

  • Configuration: Create multiple templates based on employee classifications or locations
  • Personalization: Employees enjoy an experience and workflow tailored to their needs
  • Oversight: Dashboards give you the ability to drill down and track progress