Whether you’re working at a Foundation or a private or charter school, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to understand how crucial it is to have an HR system that works and a reliable support team that is always just a call away when you need them. At ExponentHR, we specialize in working with education clients. We understand the ebb and flow of the roles staff perform during the semester, the hiring challenges of a 10 or 12 month school year, and the need for robust support when it comes to performance management and onboarding. We are quick studies, and our team is committed to giving you what you need to succeed.

Key Benefits for Education:

  • Continuing Education tracking, reporting and document storage
  • 10- & 12-Month employment Contracts
  • ACA Stability Period settings specific to educational institutions Summer Break
  • Multiple pay rates based on work performed for front afterschool care, bus driver, coaching,
  • Piece Rate for substitute pay, training, security, etc.
  • Pay detail transparency through employee self-service
  • Timekeeping with Cost Allocation to multiple classification codes like department and division