Trusted partner for more than 40 years.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

It’s an engaging question. But for most HR professionals, there are way too many support barriers and system shortcomings to take it seriously.

You know what most small to mid-sized companies face when it comes to HR. Expensive,
cumbersome platforms that overpromise and underdeliver. Legacy systems cobbled together
with modules that don’t work well and probably never did. Siloed data sets that make effective
conversation and people management virtually impossible.

For too long, small to mid-sized companies have been forced to handle their HR needs with painful platforms and customer service that makes fast food drive-thrus look robust. Exponent changes that.

Our business is built on client trust, developed through personal relationships, and delivered in a service and technology platform that works.

Unlike most HR systems that try to connect siloed data and patchwork modules, our platform is built on a single, robust data engine that integrates with your organizational structure, applies rules and compliance governance, and then instantly informs each of your HR functions including time and attendance, ESS, benefits, payroll, performance management, expense accounting and reporting dashboards, and everything you need for organization-wide communication, or a quick message to any grouping of employees.

With the Exponent platform, you enter information ONCE. There is no syncing to other modules, or duplicating efforts to enter the same data twice. Our platform delivers peak efficiency and accuracy so you can eliminate friction and spend your time doing the kind of high-level HR that supports your people and moves your company forward.

You won’t find the ExponentHR experience offered by any other competitive HR offerings. Our business is built on client trust, developed through personal relationships, and delivered in a service and technology platform that works. From our unique implementation methodology to our training and servicing, our proven methods deliver for our clients every day across the country. There’s a reason the average tenure of our employees and clients exceeds more than eight years. What we offer works.

Disrupting the status quo and improving our clients’ efficiency through smarter technology and exceptional client service aren’t new concepts for ExponentHR. They were built into our culture and DNA more than 40 years ago.

In 1978, visionary Larry Lacerte founded Lacerte Software Corporation to meet the extraordinary challenges facing accounting professionals. His development of Lacerte Tax Software ignited a paradigm shift in technology at a time when terms like “desktop computer” and “online” were virtually unknown. Over a 20-year period, Larry established Lacerte Tax Software as the leading company in its industry in terms of both market share and service.

After selling Lacerte Software Corporation to Intuit in 1998, Larry founded what has become ExponentHR to be a disruptor in the Human Resources space. Today, our team of more than 150 strong continues to embrace and deliver the technological innovation and superior service that have propelled both our clients’ success and our own.

Our Values

Our name is who we are — “exponent” means to champion or exemplify. We will live up to our name, championing our clients and exemplifying the highest standard in HR, by staying close to these values.


We build relationships with everyone we meet, and every relationship we have is built on trust. Our relational, family-run business thrives on great culture and meaningful community.


We get the job done. We do our job the right way, the first time. We take great pride in our attention to detail and keeping a watchful eye on the quality of what we do. Good enough, never is.


We don’t hide anything. What you see is what you get, and we’re always going to be straightforward, giving you the very best we can.

Constant Improvement

We refuse to accept the inefficiencies of the status quo. We are changing our industry by elevating HR technology, delivering exemplary, personal customer service, and staying true to ourselves, our clients, and our values.