One success story among many.

A Client story

On-Target Supplies & Logistics, Ltd., a Dallas-based logistics management firm with employees serving multiple clients in disparate locations and environments, had three major challenges:

  1. To ensure their embedded employees operated more efficiently and cost effectively than the employees of their client companies,
  2. To communicate regularly with off-site employees in regard to company policies and client goals, and
  3. To manage cost on a daily basis to ensure the highest return on services for clients and the highest net value to the company stakeholders.

They wanted a communication, transactional, and reporting system they could afford, and that could be delivered with minimal interruption to current operations.

Evaluating solutions

They began researching available HRIS, Payroll, and BPO services but constantly ran into the same problem ¬– complex systems designed for larger organizations that were not very cost effective to manage. Also, they were typically focused on tools for functional HR departments, not wide-spread employee and manager self-service, and engagement. Most of the available systems for small to mid-sized organizations provided little transactional efficiency and almost no information access for managers.


  • The employees have embraced ExponentHR and use the self-service tools on a regular basis.
  • Managers have access to the information they need to better manage employees and costs
  • HR staff is focused on talent acquisition and retention, cost containment, performance measures, acquisition strategy for new employees, and organizational integration
  • Turnover has been cut in half, employees have a higher level of service from the firm, and there is a platform to grow well into the future with the existing staff.

We’re here to help you also.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies like this over the past 20 years, and we’re committed to helping thousands more just like yours now and into the future.

Whether you’re looking, to grow, looking to get acquired, or simply looking to handle your human management challenges better, we have the experience and the technology to serve and support you on your journey.

We specialize in satisfied clients.

Before we implemented ExponentHR, it took three HR/benefits/payroll administrators to service 134 employees. With ExponentHR, we were able to reduce our HR overhead by 66%. We now have one HR Professional servicing more than 200 employees while focusing on strategy and value-added programs that drive retention and profits.

Lorene Smith, Vice President of Organizational Development
On-Target Supplies & Logistics, Ltd