Equipping a Remote and Secure Workforce

In response to the recent health concerns, many organizations are adopting the already trending business practice of permitting employees to work from home.  As this number continues to increase nationwide, it is imperative that employers ensure employees working remotely are exercising adequate caution.  All the same policies that dictate behavior within the central office should still apply to remote workstation and devices.

ExponentHR embraces strong security measures at a business and individual level to collectively help ensure all sensitive information remains secure.  As your organization looks to further embrace a remote workforce model, here are some main points to consider and communicate:

  • Many employees will be working from home with family, friends, and roommates.  It is critical that company and clientele information is not accessed or viewed by anyone other than authorized employees.
  • Never leave documents with sensitive information in places where they can be accessed by other individuals.
  • Lock your workstations/devices when you leave them unattended, even for a moment.  For example:
    • For Windows Workstations, you can press the “Windows” and “L” key at the same time.
    • For phones/tablets, you can lock the device.  Ensure that your devices have a PIN/password.
  • Continue to be cautious when speaking with people via phone or email.  Verify their identify before engaging in any business correspondence.
  • With the continued spread of COVID-19, there is an uptick in related phishing emails.  Exercise caution when reading emails.
    • These types of emails try to exploit fear to attain your personal information or login credentials to various websites.
    • When in doubt, it is typically best to delete the messages and log into your account to verify their message yourself.

In addition to the above, this would be an opportune time to remind employees of the topics covered in previously held security training sessions.  Through the ExponentHR Message Center, notifications may be sent electronically to employees, with acknowledgement tracking to ensure each individual has been informed of the expected security measures that are to be practiced (even while working remotely).

Rikeen Patel
Rikeen Patel

Rikeen Patel graduated in 2013 from Rhodes College with a Neuroscience degree. His work has moved him into the Security field where he has been serving as ExponentHR’s Information Security Manager since 2017.