Don’t Get Left Behind in an e-Learning Era

Back-to-School is Here 

As every summer comes to an end, social media begins to buzz with back-to-school chatter about clothing, backpacks, cute ideas for sack lunches, and the best stores to buy school supplies.   

This year, things are different.  As we watch the news and sometimes participate in the debate about online or in person learning, one thing remains clear. Learning is going to look different, and some component of distance learning is probably going to be in use. 

Adults Go Back-to-School, Too 

Back-to-school isn’t solely the domain of the young. There are a growing number of adults engaging in their own back-to-school experience this fall. 

Adult learning is defined as education geared towards people who have work and life experiences beyond high school, and even undergraduate school, who want to learn for job advancement or personal enrichment. It is targeted at adults who are balancing work and life responsibilities and need a flexible learning schedule.  Self-directed learning is self-selected, autonomous, and organized.  The learner takes responsibility and controls one’s own learning and evaluates the outcomes.   

The Modern Learning Environment 

With today’s technology, employees do not have to wait for an in person, instructor-led training.  In fact, research shows that adults learn best when they have a need to learn and an opportunity to immediately apply it.   

Let’s face it – when was the last time you took the time to learn something before you had a problem to solve or a need to learn? 

There exist a growing number of professional learning opportunities. Starting with a traditional collegiate provider, to professional organizations, there are now plenty of informal options such as MasterClass and even YouTube. The availability and ease of scheduling has never been better for adult learning. 

Did You Know? 

According to LinkedIn Learning, the #1 reason employees leave companies is lack of professional development.  It makes sense to ask the following question: does your organization encourage and provide resources for learning?   

ExponentHR offers an online library of learning summits for HR, benefits, and payroll administrators, managers, and employees. The library also includes employee job aids and manager job aids for those who prefer one to two-page written instructions.  Select employee learning videos and job aids are available in Spanish, too.    

For administrators, ExponentHR can copy your site into a non-live environment for you to practice immediately. If you are looking for an opportunity to directly apply the new material, but don’t want to use your live site, we can provide that playground.  All it takes is a quick call to our Service Team to ask for a training environment. 

LMS Preferred Partnerships 

ExponentHR also features a preferred partnership with Brainier and Relias.  If your organization has its own best-in-breed Learning Management System (LMS), why not upload ExponentHR’s content and create your own learning tracks?   

ExponentHR can be your partner in building a library of content to help engage, retain, and develop your employees. If you would like to learn more about how ExponentHR can assist as you expand your learning offering, contact your Enterprise Experience Manager. 

Now is a unique time for us all.  But one way to look at this fall is to see it as an opportunity to grow.  Add a certification, learn more deeply about a particular software, or even enrich yourself with a class on communicating with others.  For the parents out there, this is a unique opportunity to mentor going back to school in a way that your children may also be learning.  Take advantage of it! 

Jill Stampe
Jill Stampe

Jill Stampe has been an enterprise experience manager at ExponentHR since 2011 and serves as team lead for the Enterprise Experience Management team.  Jill is currently working toward a masters in Human Resource Development at University of Texas at Tyler.