Automotive Dealerships

Every automotive dealership has one thing in common, when it comes to HR, there are a ton of moving parts – full-time, part-time, cost allocation, piece rates, workers’ compensation, compliance, etc. The wrong HR system could cause a wreck before even getting off the lot. ExponentHR has extensive experience working with all types of dealerships and an HR platform flexible and sophisticated enough to meet their specifications.

Key Benefits for automotive dealerships:

  • License & Certification tracking, reporting
  • Paid Leave Hourly Rate Lookback
  • Pay detail transparency through employee self-service
  • FLSA Compliant Overtime Calculation, including California regular rate of pay
  • Automated Minimum Wage Gross Up
  • Productivity Dashboards
  • Fully Burdened Allocation Reports, including Workers Compensation, that flows to GL
  • DMS Integration
  • Piece Rate for flag pay and commission only pay
  • Timekeeping with Cost Allocation to multiple classification codes like brand, location and repair order